Mikroe Quail board problems with r2.2.0-p04


Having problems with a Mikroe Quail board ( STM32F427 ) and Zerynth Studio r2.2.0-p04. Uplink is not working, I had to downgrade to r2.1.2 to get it to work.

Was something changed in 2.2 that broke this?


Hi mlimata,

Have you tried to virtualize again with last available patch (r2.2.0-p02) of the virtual machine? maybe onboard on your Quail you’re running a VM version r2.1.2 that is not compatible with the Zerynth Studio version r2.2.0-p04.

Let me know!


When I install r2.20 it comes with p-04, how to I get it to install p-02 ?


p02 is the last available patch for the Virtual Machine; p04 is the last available patch for the Zerynth Studio.


I tried as you suggested and the problem appears to be when the message appears to reset the board and you wait a second to long then press the reset it fails to upload. If you press reset just prior or immediately as the reset message appears it works, if you wait a second too long it fails. With r2.1.2 it was not this sensitive to timing when pressing the reset button.

Thank You for your help.