Micropython Machine Library



I am trying to utilize the whole Micropython Machine Library, but have no idea if Zerynth Studio can take it.

Please shoot me some suggestion.



Hi saintola,

Here you can find a general overview that shows the main differences between Zerynth and Micropython philosophies.

Said that, for those devices and hardware features supported by Zerynth, it is possible to port Micropython code in Zerynth scripts with little effort.
You can "translate" the several macros of your firmware from Micropython sintax to the Zerynth one, or, better, you can implement and publish a dedicated library so everybody else with this necessity can use it.

You can take a look at our documentation where all available peripheralslibraries, etc. are described along with many examples.

Just keep me posted if you need further help on this.


hi @saintola ,
you don’t need to use the Micropython Machine Library (MML) to run micropython scripts in Zerynth. Zerynth has its own MML equivalent calle Zerynth Hardware Abstraction Layer.
This means that in Micropython and in Zerynth some hardware peripherals are accessible by using slightly different functions.

So, you just need to import the micropython script you want to execute on your board and work on minimal syntax and functions’ names adaptation.
let us know if you need any specific help!