MBED examples on Zerynth VM



I am developing a project on Nucleo F401RE of course with Zerynth :slight_smile: however I would like to use some Arduino shields which are compatible with my Nucleo board that I have previously tested with the Code Examples found for MBED web app. such as Freetronics_16x2_LCD example. 

In this forum I also saw some indications that such MBED code can be used on Zerynth VM. Could anyone help me on how can I use MBED examples on Zerynth VM.

Thanks in advance.


Update: Should I use export feature of the MBED web compiler? If so, which too chain listed in the dropdown selection menu is compatible with Zerynth Studio?  


Hi ta1db,

Zerynth and MBED are two independent and very different ecosystems.

But with little effort often it’s possible to port code from one to the other.

You can start from MBED libraries (or from Python libraries for Raspberry Pi) and you can build you own Zerynth libraries for specific components.

Here (https://community.zerynth.com/discussion/comment/1542/#Comment_1542) you can find an example and some advices to implement an I2C component library.

Let me know if this can help you or if you need some help to build and port your libraries :slight_smile:


Hi Matteo,

The example you’ve provided and instructions about how to make libraries for Zerynth is very clear and helpful. Zerynth Python is also very well documented. However when it comes to c, cpp, assy, I had diffuculty to understand what is available at that side and since it is a new subject I started a new discussion here: https://community.zerynth.com/discussion/591/c-standard-library-and-builtins-to-use-with-zerynth#latest


see other discussion :wink: