MAC OSX Yosemite invisible board


I connect my newly bought Hexiwear with the docking station and usb cable to my Mac and turn it on. But it is not discovered in Zerynth Studio.  There is a DAPLink CMSIS-DAP connection in the network panel but it appears as “unconfigured”. Can you help we to get this working?



Hi Ture,

By clicking the ‘info’ button with the device connected to your machine, did you see the serial port field different from None? and disk field?

Can you run from the terminal the following command and post me the results?

ztc device discover
<br>Keep me posted :)


There is only “Nothing to Select” in the target dropdown.
The ztc device discover command in Terminal returns nothing. I get no messages in the console app.
In finder I see a mapped drive DAPLINK containing two files, DETAILS.TXT and MBED.HTM. The DETAILS.TXT file contains the following:

DAPLink Firmware - see

Unique ID: 0214000031874e45004b2004906e004a3ed1000097969900
HIC ID: 97969900
Auto Reset: 0
Automation allowed: 0
Daplink Mode: Interface
Interface Version: 0241
Bootloader Version: 0241
Git SHA: d5a63b6e15d61714f164b823f7367f97620f3dad
Local Mods: 1
USB Interfaces: MSD, CDC, HID
Bootloader CRC: 0x7ea470f3
Interface CRC: 0x886a40bf

(Nice demo today at the webinar!)
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Hi Ture,

Thanks for watching us!!! :smiley:
Unfortunately, I can’t replicate your problem; in our Mac machine, all works well.
Do your machine see the Hexiwear as a mass storage? Do your machine see the serial port exposed by the Hexiwear?