Low Power Consumption Mode support for ESP32

I see that Zerynth OS has full support of Low Power Consumption Mode for STM32Fxx family of microcontroller. I need to understand a roadmap of LP Mode support for ESP32-S2 and ESP32-Pico as we work extensively with these microcontrollers.

Hi @kanishka
Low power support for additional MCUs is on our pipeline, but right now we are working on other projects, and adding features for existing and new hardware board.
If you are developing a product and need this feature, Zerynth provides custom development service.
Please contact our sales team for more information on this.

Thank you for the information @karimhamdy1

A roadmap of features in pipeline will help make us better decisions if we have to consider Zerynth for the project or look for an alternate. Accordingly we can decide to either outsource it or build it ourselves.