Linux Deb x64 installation fails!!


Hi, I’m
happy to join the Zerynth community, my name is Silvio and I’m writing
from Italy, I would need help with installing Zerynth Studio on my Linux system Debian x64 , downloading the installation file, unpacking,
and from the terminal I go to the downloaded folder destination folder, I write ./zerynth but I have this error message:

“[7953:7953:1020/] Failed to load node library (error: to open the shared object file: File or directory not existent )”, obviously
the installation fails, some user or moderator has some idea about it?
I’m getting closer to the programming world (py) and sincerely this
error leaves me perplexed :’(  , thanks to all of you.


Hi MicroPy,

this is a very weird behavior; I need some other info to better understand your issue.

In which step, following our guide, did you installation fail?
By pressing F12, during the installation, you can open the JS console where more verbose log messages are reported; can you post me the complete log session?

Remember that, during the installation, even if you choose the offline option, the internet connection must be active and each action (download, extract, start ./zerynth) must be executed as the logged user (no sudo, root, other users).

Keep me posted :slight_smile: