License use for evaluation

Dear All,
I’m investigating a number of alternatives for creating devices on an ESP32-based hardware platform.
Luckily, I do have a number of options for firmware, Zerynth included.

How can I evaluate these options without burning through a license each time I want to try something new with Zerynth? I have a number of different peripherals I have ideas about using, and sometimes there is an example solution someone has using MicroPython, other times using C++ in the Arduino IDE, etc. I usually like to replicate what someone has done before trying to change/modify it.

Could a license be tied to a board, and allow re-installation of Zerynth? I don’t mind having to have a ‘captive’, dedicated dev board for this.


Hi @duanekaufman
Each account has 10 VM licenses and Some Boards already include a specific Zerynth OS license so that you don’t have to use one of your licenses.
The license can work with a certain device for a lifetime and does not expire.
So you can use zerynth to test a feature, use the same device with any other platform and then use zerynth again, because you are using the same Virtual Machine on the same device.
If you need more than 10 devices, Feel free to add more by purchasing the needed amount.
Have a look at the licensing and prices section:

Let me know if you have more questions.