LCD Library for ESP32

Hi! I need help for a project in which I have to interface my ESP32 with an LCD Display. I found on the site a lot of topics regarding this argument and I found a well done library, so I decided to use it.

I found the library on this page:

But when I uplink the code on my ESP32, the console shows me a “Type Error” on this function:

lcd = GpioLcd(rs_pin, enable_pin, d4_pin, d5_pin, d6_pin, d7_pin)

rs_pin, enable_pin, d4_pin, d5_pin, d6_pin and d7_pin are some variables declared in the main linked to 6 digital pins of my ESP32.

Could anyone help me for solving this problem?

Are you sure the function arguments are defined correctly, so you are passing the correct arguments? (27.7 KB)

As I said the library is not written by me, and I can’t find where’s the error.
Here’s the code that I use to interface the display with my ESP32 but I’m not sure that the library work, because it doesn’t use any i2c protocol to comunicate.

Let me know. Thanks.