Join the ESP32 Design Contest 2018 with a Zerynth-powered project!


Hi guys,

we would like to inform you that Espressif co-organizes with Elektor International Media an ESP32 Design Contest in 2018.

These are the last days to register, don’t waste any more time!

Pick one of the ESP32 supported boards (search for “ESP32” in the table) and start to program it in Python using Zerynth, a recommended SDK by Espressif Systems.

Need inspiration for your project? 

Here’s a getting started: Python on ESP32 – Getting Started.

In addition, the Zerynth Academy provides a list of tutorials that guide you to develop embedded and IoT solutions in Python with the Zerynth Stack.
You can also find a lot of cool projects on our Hackster Community page.

Bear in mind that unlike other IoT development platforms, Zerynth provides a complete “ecosystem” of tools that allow you to go from the Python firmware development to the connection to cloud providers like AWSGoogle Cloud, IBM CloudMicrosoft Azure and many more.

More info about the contest: ESP32 Design Contest 2018