Issues with installing drivers FTDI for Zerynth Please Help!

I have been trying to download FTDI for Windows 10 since Zerynth could not recognize my MCU. I am running on Windows 10 64 bit and my MCU is AT91SAM3X8E.

I followed this installation guides to download FTDI :

I was able to install the setup executables, but I still cannot find the USB Serial Converter on my computer’s ‘Device Manager’ like they told me to on page 8.

Am I installing an incorrect drives or am I doing anything wrong?

Any suggestion and help would be highly appreciated
Thank you.

hi @Manda2812
I think the board you are referring to is not yet supported by Zerynth, but this fact is unrelated to your problem.
You are missing the software driver files of the FTDI chips.
When you plug-in the board, What does the device manager recognize?
can you open the device in any serial monitor software?

I got it to work, turns out all four of my USB cables does not work with the board, I also installed the wrong drivers.
Thank you for the respond @karimhamdy1!