Is there an easy proximity sensor to use (without writing a driver) for ESP32?

Hi, I want to create an IOT project, but I can’t manage to use standard sonars to get proximity info (because they are analog, not digital).
Is there a supported proximity sensor I can use that is easy used with Zerynth and my DevKitC board?

Thank you so much in advice :slight_smile:

Hi @etriuzzi
How about a simple PIR Motion sensor?
It has a digital output, so It should be easy to use.
Let me know if you look for something else.

Oh thank you so much, Is there a driver or a library included in Zerynth I can use for my DevKitC?

Since these sensors have digital output, connect the output of the sensor module to an available digital pin on your ESP32, Then read the state of the output using digitalRead()
Have a look at the docs for more information.