Internet connection not always available [Edited]


Ciao, io non dispongo di una linea full time. Mi pare di capire che il sistema funziona solo se connesso a internet; sbaglio o è vero?
Esiste, nel caso, la possibilità di lavorare off line?
Grazie, Gianantonio
Hello, I don’t have a fully available internet connection. It seems to me that an internet connection is a must to work with VIPER. Am I right?  Does an off line version exist?
Thanks Gianantonio

NOTE written in Ita/Eng because the editor shows errors on most english words I type. Probably i need to set up something. I’m a not a big expert ;-(( 


Viper runs on your browser but it doesn’t require any mandatory Internet connection. 
Enjoy it  :wink: