Installation warning - can't find armgcc



After I just installed Zerynth, I keep getting this warning in my command line:

[warning] Can’t load tool C:\Users\me\zerynth2\sys\armgcc Expecting value: line 1 column 1 (char 0)

This does not seem to affect my builds (I can still compile).


Hello @Richard_Tarbell,

can you check if the folder C:\Users\me\zerynth2\sys\armgcc exists?
If so, can you paste here the content of C:\Users\me\zerynth2\sys\armgcc\package.json?



Greetings LorenzoR!

YES, I DO see a file AND folders in this directory:
(constains these folders: arm-none-eabi, bin, and lib folders,
and constains one file called package.json)

When I open package.json with notepad++, the file is completely blank (no text)


Hi @Richard_Tarbell,

there might have been an issue during installation (everything looks ok except for the package.json), can you try to reinstall and check that file again?


Reinstallation worked!