Install issues of Zerynth Studio on Catalina OSX

Hi everyone.

I’m sorry for being this quiet for this long, but we are still working on this problem.

As a temporary solution you can run this command:

xattr -cr /Applications/Zerynth\

to remove the attributes from the files which are causing this issue.

This is an error caused by new policies enforced by CatalinaOS and older version of nwjs are having similar issues. This will be fixed in the next release.

Thanks for your patience,

Lorenzo Marsicano.
Software Developer at Zerynth.

Well great but unfortunately this still doesn’t work for me.
I tried removing an Reinstalling everything but no difference.

I do get an error when running the command however …

xattr: No such file: /Applications/Zerynth
xattr: No such file: /Applications/Zerynth
xattr: No such file: /Applications/Zerynth

These appear to be links to something in /Users/giacomo/miniconda3 …
Dont think I’m going to find that on my machine

Same error, no use those guys are too slow to respond.

Hi Everyone,
We are very sorry for this delay in response, We are apologizing for this unacceptable experience that you are currently having with Zerynth Studio on Mac OS.
As of right now, We are working on this problem with the highest priority and we will be updating this thread with the solution as soon as possible.

Karim Hamdy
Zerynth development team.

Hi everyone.

I apologize, but I did a mistake in my previous post. The correct commands should be the following:

xattr -cr ~/.zerynth2/sys/browser


xattr -cr ~/.zerynth2/sys/python

We have individuated the issue and we are currently fixing it.
The fix will be available in the next release, as it is now you can use those commands as a workaround.

Lorenzo Marsicano
Zerynth Development Team

Thankyou for this
… that has sorted out the main problem so Hooray I can finally load !!!
But there is definitely more to do.

I mainly work with esp32 [Pycom boards] so when I tried to compile had many complaints regarding files from unknown developers that could not be verified…
[xtensa-esp32-elf amongst others]

I opened up OSX Security & Privacy preferences and authorised all of these files as they came up … quite a lot of them it turns out but everything running OK now.
At least I think … the code builds OK which is as it was before but I don’t have a board here to test an upload. Will try and do that tomorrow.

Working on mac OSX catalina 10.15.1, installed Zerynth, nothing worked.
After entering this commands xattr ( and also getting 3 errors in /python/bin like ‘w1bworx’ ), installed Zerynth again.
Now it’s starting up, I mean there is an icon appearing in the taskbar, but further nothing.
Missing something ?
(On windows 10 VM i’m having problems with the installation screens (pop-up’s), background-color and font-color the same ? Problems with font-type ? I see the buttons and boxes but no text.)

Thanx in advance.

Problems in windows 10 VM are solved, just problems on my system due to display-settings ( 2-screens ) in VM.

Hello zerynth team,

same issues, not able to open the app on catalina.

Clicking the zpp icon will open this and vanishes after sometime. Nothing happens after.

Is there an upgrade? or did I miss something?

This happens after I use the cmds you shared?

Oh, I thought Zerynth team is active on this forum!

hi @Sree
Does the same errors persists when you open the app after executing the commands?

Hi everyone,
We have updated the Mac installer of Zerynth Studio.
If there are any other issues, Please let us know. :smile:

Just FYI
Today downloaded latest Zerynth 2.4.0 on catelina.

IF NOT I AM BACK TO THE “This Application is Damaged Throw it in the BIn” MESSAGE.

Thought you had sorted out the installer for OSX ???
Not yet it seems

Mid dec 2019 I installed Zerynth for the first, without success.
Looked at the forums and noticed there were a lot of problems with the installation on mac OS catalina.
I didn’t have much time so I let it for what it was.
We are now feb 2020, I’m on mac OS catalina 10.15.3 (iMac), just installed Zerynth 2.4.0.
Solved the problem with privacy with Mac OS.
No error messages, but when I start up the application I get the Zerynth icon in the dock and in the menu bar a the top I get : Zerynth - Edit - Window tabs.
Under Zerynth : About nwjs - hide nwjs - hide others -show all - quit
Under Edit : everything is grayed out.
Under Window : everything is grayed out
No error messages.

Am I missing, forgetting something ?
I see the problems with Catalina are not solved yet ?
In fact in the forums I see there are many issues with the installation of Zerynth.
Is it us ? I installed and used STM32CubeIDE and MCUXpressoIDE this weekend without problems.
Is there a conflict with another program ? I have also visual studio code ( with platformIO ), Xcode, NectoStudio, MbedStudio installed on this machine. No problems with them.

In the getting started on the Zerynth site :
“Download Zerynth Studio and create a Zerynth Account to receive free licenses of the Zerynth Virtual Machine.”
Where do I have to create the account ( is this the same as for the forum ? )
Perhaps make it a link “create an account”.

My last question is : Is there somebody where Zerynth is working on Mac OS catalina without running commands in the terminal?

I must say I read very good things about Zerynth ( all on windows ? ), otherwise I should not have installed it a couple of times.

Thanx in advance.

hi @w1bworx
We’ve just tested again the mac installer and faced no issues on our test devices of Mac OS, We couldn’t replicate your problem.

Do you have the latest installer of the latest version? not just updating an existing version?
If not, could you uninstall the application and download the latest installer?
Then please let me know some info so I can try to replicate the problem, does it even run for instance.

Hi @technoman
You can create an account using this guide.

Could you post a screenshot of the application when you open the device?

Hi Karim,
Sorry for the late response and thanx for your concern.
Some screenshots :


Screenshots show startup version.
Icon appears in the dock.
And the menu bar from Zerynth is all I get.
Also other programs successfully installed on the iMac ( Catalina last version ).

I now see I can only upload 1picture, so I try to split over replies.

Best regards,



?!’;:= sorry only 3 replies.
??? Never experienced this before.
Only 1 pic, only 3 replies and asking for screenshots.