Infos on clicks


I’m looking for examples/libraries/drivers to use:

  • WiFly click;
  • 4x4 Key click;
  • OLED click

Can you help me please?



Hi gianx,
currently these boards are not supported, anyway, the development of a driver for the 4x4 Key click, for example, should be rather easy. If you want to try, we can give you support :wink:


Hi gianx, it should be ‘.zerynth’ under Users/Documents


Unfortunately I don’t have any experience in driver development (even if I’m a 10+ years experienced python programmer), but if you can point me in the right direction that’s exactly why I bought the flip’n’click…
So, where to start?


Hi gianx,
first thing I suggest you, if you want to develop a driver for a Click board, is to look for Click’s components datasheet, for example, OLED Click mounts an “OLED controller” ( SSD1306 controller for OLED W Click ) which, you understand from the datasheet, is able to communicate through several serial protocols. Then, from Mikroe Click manual you see that Mikroe lets the end user choose between i2c and spi. So your work will be developing and i2c or spi driver probably accessing registers documented in the datasheet.
Fortunately Zerynth provides high level spi and i2c modules and some drivers already using these serial protocols, so you can start looking at our doc and examples to understand how they work (for example you can download our stm.hts221 driver from the Zerynth Package Manager and look at the code which will be placed in your installation folder under libs).

Anyway, before the OLED Click, you could start from the 4x4 Key for which I suggest you to look directly at Mikroe C example : in the HC_597_Read() function you have everything you need to acquire data on clicked buttons :wink:

Thanks Lorenzo!
Yesterday I started working on an SPI interface, I'll check your infos


Just a very stupid question: where can I find installation folder? I’m using a Mac and already tryed to see inside the package…