I'm confused about the UART's pins arrangement


I’m using a WROOM 32 unit and I’m a little confused about UART1’s pins. I created a Custom VM and in its template, I have:

# serial
RX0: D3
TX0: D1
RX1: D0
TX1: D25
RX2: D16
TX2: D17

GPIO0 (RX1) is used to BOOT the device. Can I use this pin without problems? In my DevKit v1, UART1 is mapped in pins GPIO25 and GPIO26. Can I reassign the RX1 to pin D26 in my custom VM?
Maybe this is a silly question, but I need to be sure to not design a PCB wrongly.


you can re-assign the pins as long as they don’t have hardware restrictions, like some pins on esp32 that are input only.
so these details needs to be checked with the datasheet of the microcontroller