I2C on Adafruit Feather Hazzah


I am trying to write a driver for the Vishay VCNL4020 proximity sensor.
I’ve gone ahead and blindly written it based around the same format as the Bosch BMP180 library.
I seem to be failing at the first hurdle though and can’t start the stdlib I2C driver. I’ve tried just uploading the BMP180 example too and get exactly the same error, so perhaps it’s a problem with the compatibility of my board?

I get:
[HardwareInitializationError @[001C:001B:0025:002C:0000:0020:0000:0000]]

[HardwareInitializationError  at line 16 of __main__]
[raised at line 87 of bosch.bmp180.bmp180.__init__]
[raised at line 95 of i2c.start]

Example for reference: https://github.com/zerynth/lib-bosch-bmp180/blob/master/examples/get_temp_pres_alt/main.py

Is there some problem with I2C0 on the Adafruit Feather Hazzah?

Any support appreciated.


Hi @chrisstubbs93,

any update on this?


Hi Lorenzo,

Thanks for your reply. I have abandoned development of this driver and have taken a different approach to the project.