I2C bus not working well -> Gyro click2 with FXAS21002 -> fortebit-polaris


I have added a gyroscope on the mikrobus port (Gyro click2 with the NPX FXAS21002c IC) to a fortebit-polaris 3g. There is no way to read properly anything from the gyroscope, starting with his address. Temperature is completely wrong, it jumps in every iteration same as the IC ID. Reading data from it is not stable. I can see there is effect when moving the board on all 3axels but data is partially corrupted.

Have you people from Zerynth checked the I2C bus properly? It is 100% a SW problem. I have tested the gyros with other systems AND THEY ARE FINE, also with brand new fortebit-polaris nbiot boards and problem remains.

*** It seems however that the gyro accepts R/!W operations to any register but reading them properly is not possible. Address and temperature shows most of the time 0xFF…

Hi @Daniel
Unfortunately, the board you mentioned is not supported anymore under Zerynth SDK.
In May we released the Zerynth SDK version 3. It enabled more stable performance, better and easier cloud integration and modular hardware for industrial IoT applications and connected products.
Please check our development board from this link.
For more questions feel free to ask.