I2C and Wemos D1 mini


Hi, I can’t get the I2C to work on the Wemos D1 board.
Everytime I call the method start() on an I2C object the system raises an exception HardwareInitializationError
This is an example of a NON working code:

import i2c
obj = i2c.I2C(I2C0, addr=0x76, clock=400000)

I tested this on two different D1 boards and both are not working. The boards are not broken because a simple I2C scanner written in Arduino works and detect the I2C device (a Bosch BME280). The same Zerynth code works with a STM F401RE board.
Any suggestions?


Hello @Michele.

We are sorry for this inconvenience, but we realized that there is an issue with I2C on the ESP8266 boards and we are working on a fix.

Thanks for your understanding.


Ok, thank you @LorenzoM, I’ll wait for the fix. Knowing where the problems lies is a good start :slight_smile: