I have no special talents, I am only passionately curious (Albert Einstein)


Hello everyone,

I would like to participate in the Contest in order to learn how to use the ZERYNTH platform for my future projects with different hardware (STM32 Core, Nodemcu, etc).

In the past I used ARDUINO IDE and MBED but I would definitely use PYTHON (I’m not an expert programmer),  my projects (for personal use) are usually related to IoT sector.

The possibility offered by ZERYNTH with virtualization will enable me to reuse code on different hardware. Obviously I will have to first learn the language PYTHON.

“To avoid losing my way”, I intend to run a port of the code developed for a previous project in environment ARDUINO IDE. In this way, having in mind the ultimate goal will learn as the various possibilities offered by PYTHON code.

The purpose of this post is to check whether ZERYNTH STUDIO 1.0 is already installed the modules in order to control the temperature / humidity sensor DHT22 and a 20x4 LCD display (HD44780 compliant), and if not, how they can be imported. I apologize for the long post but I am enthusiastic about the initiative proposed by you and I would use this event to motivate me to use your ZERYNTH STUDIO.

Nodemcu V2 Module will be the hardware that I will use in the contest

Best Regards from (almost retired … but still curious ) Luciano 

P.S. - Thanks again and best wishes for a peaceful 2017 … and Thanks a lot … Google Translator  :) 


We will be glad to help and support you in this new journey…
Curiosity never dies :slight_smile: