Hi there,
I would be interested in timing things on my Photon with microsecond precision, but as I can gather from the docs so far only the millisecond timers are implemented, is that right?
I also take it that at some point there will be microsecond timers in the hwtimers library? Is there any way of accessing those hwtimers now? Or maybe a way to increase the precision of the timers in the the current “timers” library to say 10s or 100s of microseconds?



Just milliseconds at the moment, but work is in progress for adding micros (and nanoseconds :slight_smile: ) support.


That’s great, thanks Giacomo!


Hi Giacomo. when will be supported for microseconds on timers?


Well, this question was asked three years ago. Any progress on supporting microseconds in timers? How about in hardware timers?
:-\ Ian