HSC08 MC9S08JM16 freescale MCU - looking for an environment


I have a tonecore DSP board by line6 who have dropped the software for this unti. It comes complete with a schematic of dsp layout and I was trying to explore and see what is possible to bring it to life .

Does anyone know if I can load a python environment OR how I might program this board using zernyth. I looked at freescale compiler but at first glance it all seems to be very costly and not worth using.

The original software ( which I cannot locate is connected via the USB port off the mcu and it has a sequence that puts it in BOOTLOADER which I cannot do because I do not have that software and cannot find it.

References to documents of this unit


I am not even sure what the MC9S08JM16 family is as in ( eg ARM, etc )

Any information would be of great help thanks


Hi @The_Kaveman, I’m sorry to inform you that Zerynth can run on 32-bit microcontrollers only, and yours appears to be 8-bit.

Thanks for the interest anyway.