How to redeem free licenses?


I downloaded the IDE, set up an account. When I look, I’m supposed to have 5 started VM licenses and 6 of the others - if I understand what it’s telling me when I click “profile and assets” but I don’t know how to redeem anything and get started. I have an Adafruit M0 wifi board and Zerynth recognizes it and gives me info. But the register icon is not available and if I try to redeem a license, it asks for a number, which I do not have. Maybe I’m not understanding the whole issue of 5 startef VM’s-FreeRTOS and 6 premium VM’s-FreeRTOS. I also don’t understand the “unit pricing” and whether the prices are quoted as a monthly charge or what, if not?
Need some help!


As for the Registration and virtualization of the Adafruit M0 wifi board, this tutorial has step-by-step details of the process.

let me know if the problem still persists.

As for the VMS and the pricing, on registration you receive 10 free VM licenses.
that is you can try, use and upload your zerynth code to 10 different devices.
each license is issued for each unique device, so the pricing depends on the number of devices you want to use in your development/product distribution.

This page has more details of the pricing :