How to make app


I have UDOO Neo board & I have to design my own Android app for my project. Can anybody help mi, where is Getting started document & what is exact procedure.


here you can find a description of what the Viper App is

Here you can find the programming guide of the Viper App library for modifying the app behaviour and creating the python functions for the microcontroller side.



I just installed the new Zerynth IDE - all appears normal but it does not recognize the UDOO Neo board.
Nor will it let me clone any of the examples.

Any suggestions?

Mac OS 10.7.5
UDOO Neo works fine with VNC


HI the Neo is not yet supported by the Zerynth IDE.
did you get any error on the log after trying to clone the examples?
please post it


Hello, have there been any updates for supporting the Udoo Neo?

I plug it in and receive a message that states the board list has been updated but nothing is populated in the choose a board drop down.


Hi the Neo is not yet supported by the Zerynth IDE and the porting is not in the current pipeline! Stay tuned