How to logout

Hello everyone.

There is a simple way to logout an account from Zerynth?
Thank you.

Hi Maria Laura,

The current architecture of Zerynth Studio is not designed as multiuser software: all projects, devices, virtual machines, and other Zerynth elements are closely related to the logged account.

Like other desktop softwares the correct way for multiuser mode is to create a new user in the operative system and install a fresh Zerynth Studio under that new account. This allows for complete separation of user related data.

The not recommended and dangerous way to share a Zerynth Studio installation among different users is to manually perform a “forced logout” for the current user.

Inside the Zerynth Studio main folder (“zerynth2” for Windows machines and “.zerynth2” for Linux and MacOS machines) there is a cfg folder; inside cfg folder the user credentials are stored in the token.json file; by deleting such file and restarting Zerynth Studio, the “Login / Sign up” screen will appear again.

Once the new user is logged, all previously registered devices, downloaded virtual machines and created projects will be still visible but not usable. This brings the system in a non coherent state that may give rise to unexpected behaviour.

Let me know if this can help you or if you have other questions :slight_smile: