How to Install Python libraries? (MPU-6050 to ESP 32 - Fall detection)


How to Install future python library to zerynth?

I need to install a python library called future
Error received:
" [error] Can’t find module [future.division] imported by [[/home/mohammad/fall_deteec/] at line 3](javascript:app.open_marker(’>)"

I got the future.tar.gz folder from the official py website.

  1. I copied it to the .2zerynth/dist/r2.3.0/libs/official and tried extracting there, doesn’t work
  2. Tried opening the terminal in the same folder and doing a pip install, the future got installed. But then didn’t work, got the same error.


Also, I need to install the following libraries too.
" from future import division
import atexit
import time
import sys
from math import *
from multiprocessing import * "

( I am trying to connect the MPU-6050 to the ESP32 and do a fall detection test, the following is the github code for the same -
the file is addressed as )

Please do HELP ASAP!!!


In general, you can import any library in your Zerynth project.
in the project folder, Make a folder with the name of the library and put the library code file in it.
Then in your code:
from [folder_name] import [file_name]

However, Unsupported Python libraries may not work in Zerynth studio.
If these libraries either depend on other libraries that are not supported or due to the difference in operation/Restrictions in the Micro-controllers environment.