How to create custom VM from existing VM


Hi All,
I have a Teensy 3.6 that I would like to program with Zerynth. It is not currently supported by Zerynth, but a similar board is, the Hexiwear (docking station) which also uses an NXP processor from the same family as used in the Teensy 3.5 and 3.6.
When I followed the instructions as shown here, I ran into a problem. Where it says “select a customizable VM to clone from” there is only one entry in the table, ESP WROOM 32. It is also the only one shown in the screenshot in the tutorial. Does this mean that this is the only VM that can be used as a basis for a new custom VM?
Can I create a copy of a VM and edit it in an external editor, then import it using the custom VM import file function? If so where are the VMs stored?


Well I had a crack at it anyway. I think I have all the pin assignments in, with help from the PJRC files located here, and the pinmap diagram for the Teensy. But I’m completely stuck with the Cmacros section (which in the example appears to be macros associated with the Esp32), and the device: section, which again is for the Esp32. I don’t know what the correct values for the most of the options in the device: section are. I had a guess for a few of them, but I don’t really expect them to be correct. Tried compiling it but it failed of course. Now I’m stuck. Here is a copy of what I’ve done so far. Maybe it will help.
Ian (4.0 KB)


This is another document I found useful too.

Teensy K66 Beta (22.7 KB)


BTW I’m also moving house soon, so it may take me a while…
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Hi @mogplus8

Unfortunately, At the moment, Custom virtual machines are only supported for esp32 Based boards.
Your procedure will not succeed, because you will have to edit the Virtual Machine on the binary level.

We are planning to support more Achitectures with custom virtual machine feature, But we cannot give an exact date.


Okay thanks. Maybe the good burgers of Zerynth will consider building a VM for Teensy, it’s a great board!
:wink: Ian