How to control what editor suggests

I have been playing with Zerynth for a while now, and I have found that the constant “suggestions” (sorry, don’t know the correct terminology) when I’m typing in code have become very irritating. They are good some of the time, but when I want to type in a “1” and Zerynth pops up hundreds of suggestions, like “import blah blah…1…more blah” I find I am hitting Esc all the time just to type in a number! Is there any way to tone down Zerynth’s aggressiveness with suggestions? Maybe just select a few categories that I find useful? Like variables I’ve defined and/or keywords?

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We’ll have a look at this and get back to you

Thanks @karimhamdy1, you’re a gent.
:wink: Ian

Would be useful if Zerynth show all the methods when the user types ’ . ’ after an object name :slight_smile:

Thanks @Nysix. I’m sure it would for many users, but I don’t use objects or methods. My programming is a bit more basic than that (and simple). My main beef is that it offers suggestions too often. I would like it to not offer suggestions for numbers for instance. So even if I’ve used 147 somewhere else in the program, and now I want to enter “1”, I would prefer it didn’t suggest 147, along with every other number I’ve ever used that contained the digit 1, and then some variables that might have a 1 in the name, and then all the import libraries that have a 1 in the name. I’d just like to type “1” and have a “1” appear, and nothing else. Another suggestion, for my type of usage, I would prefer that it never suggested import libraries at all unless I type the word “import” and then a space at the beginning of a line.
Sorry @Nysix I misread your response. I saw “Would it be useful…” so I read it as a question, hence my answer. Apologies for the confusion.