How do I create a simple HTTP GET API with Zerynth


So I am trying to merge two examples into one in order to create a HTTP GET API on my Particle Photon with Zerynth Studio r2.0.9

1. I created a simple resource on Flash based on the Resource Example , the resource is called


node: 1,
uptime: 0.0, // here will be the software timer value
location: “x”,
sensor: {
Eu: { // Euler Angles from BNO055 will be placed here
h: 0.0,
p: 0.0,
r: 0.0
La: { // Linear Acceleration Angles from BNO055 will be here
x: 0.0,
y: 0.0,
z: 0.0
2. I created a <br><pre class="CodeBlock">  new_resource('resource.json')<br>
  1. I took the steps from the Simple Web Server Example to create a HTTP Server which would return the above mentioned JSON but I am not sure how to do that so I wrote the following:

    def JSON_API(client):
    jFile = open(‘resource://resource.json’)
    d = json.loads(jFile)
    print(json.dumps(d), stream=client)
<br>4.&nbsp; I connected to an AP and here is the code to fetch me the JSON when I use <b>curl </b>from another device (Laptop) connected on the same AP.<i><br></i><pre class="CodeBlock">sock = socket.socket()<br>sock.bind(8080) # http port<br>sock.listen()<br>while True:<br>    try:<br>        print('waiting for connection')<br>        clientsock, addr = sock.accept()<br>        <br>        client = streams.SocketStream(clientsock)<br>        print('Call for API', stream=clientsock)<br>        # call JSON<br>        JSON_API(clientsock)<br>        <br>        client.close()<br>        <br>    except Exception as e:<br>        print('Exception ', e)

I can ping the Particle Photon but I am not sure if I am curling the right way i.e.

curl http://ipOfPhoton:8080/
I can observe the string <i>Call For API </i> after <b>curl </b>but cannot see the JSON Resource.<br>is there something missing here?<br><br><br>Thanks,<br><br>Shan<br>


So found the solution.
I had to perform a readline() and then a json.dumps of the line read.

I also had to write resource.json in one single line.

import streams
import json
import socket
from wireless import wifi
from broadcom.bcm43362 import bcm43362 as wifi_driver




try:‘Pi3-AP’, wifi.WIFI_WPA2, ‘raspberry’)
except Exception as e:
raise e

print('MY IP: ', wifi.link_info()[0])

sock = socket.socket()

while True:
print(‘waiting for connection’)
clientsock, addr = sock.accept()

client = streams.SocketStream(clientsock)

#print(‘Call for API’, stream=client)
jFile = open(‘resource://resource.json’)
line = jFile.readline()
print(json.dumps(line), stream=client)

except Exception as e:
print('Exception ', e)

now,<br><br><pre class="CodeBlock">Request: curl http://ipOfPhoton:8080/<br>
"{\"node\":1, \"uptime\": 0, \"location\": \"x\", \"sensor\":{\"Eu\":
{\"h\":0, \"p\": 0, \"r\":0}, \"La\":{\"x\": 0, \"y\": 0, \"z\": 0}}"