Hexiwear: Uplink of Example is OK, but Hexiwear show nothing.


I made all steps, from “register” to “virtualize” successfull. Then i open and clone the Hexiwear Example an uplink it.
It look OK.

[info] Compilation Ok
[info] Searching for device e1901d09234f5bfc1f8e488fbc91215a8e5853fc with alias zs:hexiwear:e1901d09234f5bfc1f8e488fbc91215a8e5853fc
[info] Please reset the device!
[info] Searching for device e1901d09234f5bfc1f8e488fbc91215a8e5853fc again
[info] Probe sent
[info] Got header: r2.0.9 bVpYB8LxTHa0K7_aLDNh7w hexiwear 32005005501354e4ffffffffffffb200 ZERYNTH
[info] Found VM bVpYB8LxTHa0K7_aLDNh7w for hexiwear
[info] Handshake
[info]     symbols: 160
[info]     membase  @20000230
[info]     romstart @00012000
[info]     flash    @000EE000
[info] Erasing flash
[info] Sending Bytecode: 63920 bytes ( available 974848 )
[info] Uplink done

After this the Hexiwear show nothing. After a Hexiwear Reset the LED flash Red for some seconds, then the LED stay with blue light. Nothing to see in the console or on the Hexiwear OLED.

I repeat this steps more than 10 times, but the Hexiwear shows all time the same - NOTHING.

What can i do?


Hi Peter,

Thanks for reporting this issue. We replicate this behavior and we found a bug in our FreeRTOS Virtual Machine that will be fixed in our next release.
In the mean time, you can put a sleep after initialization to solve your issue:

hexi = hexiwear.HEXIWEAR()
<p>keep me posted :)</p>


Yes, great.
Thank you very much. Now my Hexiwear work fine with Zerynth Studio.