Hexiwear - read/write

Hello, I am looking for sample code for reading and writing sensor data to the Hexiwear onboard flash. Any assistance would be appreciated.

Hi @lellrodt
Please have a look a the Flash Internal example, and the Flash layout of the Hexiwear.
Clone the example and edit the address.
Here is more info on Flash module

Hi @karimhamdy1 Thank You so much! I appreciate the response! I will let you know how it goes!

Hi @karimhamdy1 Thank you so much for the information, it did help, but I am stuck on 1 last part. If I want to retrieve the sensor data I have save, how can I do that? I do see the code for reading it, however, if I gather the data while the hexiwear is in use, then attempt to read the values, the program that pulls the values off the device is forcing a reset which erases the flash memory. Is there a way to retrieve the values outside of the code that is collecting it or do I need to write an administrator side to my app to show the data?

I think the uC is resetting because you are accessing a wrong flash memory address.
Try the Internal flash example with other memory locations, maybe adding some memory sectors, or accessing the second block of memory.

Oh I see, I used the starting memory space as the address given in the log when the uplink was completed. That is what it said in the example. I will give it another shot.