[Hexiwear KW40Z] TypeError when trying to update sensor values



I keep getting a typeError when I run this line:

hexi.bt_driver.upd_sensors(humid). This typeError refers back to the file “kw40z.py”

However, I can’t seem to find out what is causing this error because I obtain the humidity value properly. The same also happens with temperature. But with ambient light its not a problem.


light = hexi.get_ambient_light()
hexi.bt_driver.upd_sensors(aLight=light) #<------ NO PROBLEM

temp1 = hexi.get_temperature()
hexi.bt_driver.upd_sensors(temp=temp1) #<------ typeError

humid1 = hexi.get_humidity()
hexi.bt_driver.upd_sensors(humid=humid1) #<------ typeError

Would be really grateful if someone could give me a hand with this.



Hi @nuno.alb, could you please share a minimum complete code that reproduces your problem so I can try it and investigate into it?