Help with NFC Tag Click 'I2C Token Release Sequence'


From the below data sheet, section 7.4, how can I execute the Token Release Sequence using the Zerynth libraries?  Do I use the I2C module or do I have to use something lower level for this specific exchange?  Any help appreciated.


Hi martinloen,

reading the datasheet, it’s not very clear if this sequence is needed or not and how it works.
One solution to switch from I2C mode to RF mode, proposed in the datasheet, is turning off the power supply but, if you’re working with the MikroE NFC-Tag click this is not possible because 3.3 voltage is directly connected to the power supply pin of the chip.

The second solution proposed is to send this “I2C token Release Sequence” but, as you guess, it means working lower level and modify how to exchange data in I2C protocol (not much recommended).

Searching around the internet, you can find (for example here) some example and source code of M24SR64 library that can help you to port and develop your own Zerynth Lib.
In those examples, honestly, I have not seen any particular function/method that sends this “Token Release Sequence” when an I2C exchange data terminates.

NB: reading the datasheet and the MikroE schematics, I notice that there is a pin (RF disable on-chip and RST/DIS on MikroE slot) that maybe can bypass the “Token Release Sequence” sending (only supposed).

Unfortunately, I haven’t physically this chip so I can’t test anything about this, but if you need some more help or advice, feel free to post me (even pieces of code with more details as possible) 

Hope this can help you :slight_smile: