Help to install on linux


Happy new year!,

I’ve updated all the drivers with Windows7 64 bit (no my pc) and finally i viperized the board
I tried uploading “hello world” but tells me:
Can not open board @
[UPLOAD]: ooops, uploading failed with the following error: Can not open serial!

I tried all usb available but without success …


using an evaluation license of Windows 7, I tested viper on my pc.
All works (viperize and upload sketches)!

Unfortunately I do not have a permanent license for seven, and I have to go on linux.
With ubuntu I could not make it work, I tried with mageia 5 but does not work with files .sh

Someone please tell me which distro definitely works with Viper?

Thank you


Hello Walter,

If you have viperized the Nucleo in windows 7 you should have no problem using it in Ubuntu.
I use Arch Linux for development and testing and everything works… but the installation and maintenance are not as user friendly as Ubuntu…


Hello Giacomo,

with Ubuntu or other distros on my pc viper is not working.
I found, perhaps, a PC of my friend with windows 7.
I will use the PC for my tests.

Thanks again


Easiest way to install is to uncompressed the downloaded package into a directory, say /home/rob/Temp/, then move it to the /opt directory.

sudo mv Viper/ /opt

Inside the /opt/Viper directory you can execute the script by:


Later you can add a desktop launcher once you have tested it.


hi borris!


in this period i’m not at home and i can’t try that you have suggested.
When i return, i try

thanks again


hi borris!
i try with your system and it works!
it’s very simple, thanks.
unfortunately the result does not change.
I can not  upload a code on a stnucleo viperized with windows7.



I have ubuntu 16.04, I have downloaded zerynth.tar.xz and extracted its components. However, I did not find, and I dont know how to use zerynth, any help ?


Hi minamaged113,

Here a link of our documentation where you can find a step-by-step tutorial of the installation sequence.
In other sections of the documentation you can learn all you want to know about Zerynth :wink:

Hope this can help you.


hi…can anyone helpme out…I have installed zerynth in ubunttu 18.0 version.I dont know how to start the IDE.Files are extrace into desktop in the name of zerynth.then wat to do??


Hi sathish,

try running again the zerynth executable file from the folder you used to install the Studio.
Let me know :slight_smile: