Help starting working zerynth


i m really starting zerynth and i have some question that i would like to ask.

i m currently working on a project where i m using quite a few esp32 with sensors communicating over BLE and a local wifi to store data into a database(influxdb) most of the coding has been done with arduino ide iw ould like to transition to python and furtur transistion from esp32 to cypress…

i want to be able to interact with my sensors but i am having a bit of trouble connection or interracting with them

i m using the dht12 with i2c and cant seem to connect the to I2C0…

beside that the zerynth software is brilliant looking foward to mastering it

Hi @octdubois
The DHT12 uses the I2c peripheral as you mentioned.
You can start from a DHT12 python library and port the functions to the Zerynth supported functions.
Could you tell me the problem you’re facing ?