Github Integration for Zerynth Community Libraries

Hi everyone,

with the release r2.0.11 (here more details), Zerynth Studio now allows publishing your projects as community libraries that can be installed by everyone else in the Zerynth Community. 

Useful links:
- Publishing Community Libraries
- How to Search and Install Community Libraries

Very soon we will release an article with a step-by-step tutorial on "how to develop and implement an I2C library" in Zerynth.

We're are working, also, on publishing our supported libraries on Github repositories; in the meantime, if you need to consult and view the source code, you can always find official library files under this path:

- For Windows platforms: C:/Users/your_user/zerynth2/r2.0.11/libs/official/
- For Mac and Linux platforms: /home/your_user/.zerynth2/r2.0.11/libs/official/

Happy coding!!!