Getting VM Licenses back


I am starting to get used to Zerynth, and like it a lot. The licensing itself is very friendly to people who do low volume projects (IMHO), but I seem to be wasting them.

My first ‘hello world’ type programs were done with one of the free FreeRTOS licenses. Later I tried them with a purchased ChibiOS license to see how this worked, and if I noticed anything different at all. (Answer is ‘no’ by the way, but with helloworld-type stuff this is not relevant anyway.)

Now I have 2 licences used for this board. Which is one too many obviously :slight_smile:

So how do I get the other one back? I can create VM’s, but I have not yet figured out how to delete them.



Hi Bas,

thanks for using Zerynth!

You can’t “delete” a license of a Zerynth Virtual Machine.

Anyway, you can increase the number of available VMs in a very simple way. Complete your profile to get a super bonus: 1 additional Zerynth Premium VM (FreeRTOS) that you can use on any supported device :wink:

Would be good to be able to delete a licence, as you can burn them up by learning.

Would appreciate this even if it meant reducing the number of free licences.