Getting compile errors w/ St Nucleo f746ZG plus 9 missing symbols

I started testing Zerynth St Nucleo f746ZG and initially I had a compilation error with regards to TIM_HandleTypeDef being undefined. So I traced it down in your HAL layer and added the #include “stm32f7xx_hal_tim.h” to vhal_tim.c. Well, that was able to compile all good :smiley:. However when I tried to uplink to the board, and I got this error: :pensive:
[warning] There are 9 missing symbols! This VM does not support the requested features! [‘HAL_TIM_PWM_Stop’, ‘HAL_TIM_PWM_ConfigChannel’, ‘HAL_TIM_PWM_Start’, ‘HAL_TIM_PWM_DeInit’, ‘HAL_TIM_PWM_Init’, ‘HAL_TIM_PWM_ConfigChannel’, ‘HAL_TIM_PWM_Start’, ‘HAL_TIM_PWM_ConfigChannel’, ‘HAL_TIM_PWM_Start’]
[error] Check if the device is virtualized with the last available version-patch of the virtual machine

Any how, I also attempted to updated my VM, and I think I am running the latest version which is
ST Nucleo F746ZG r19.12.12 w/ FreeRTOS 9.0.0 (BASE Patch) with version r2.3.3

I suspect that PWM HAL/module isn’t ready for this board yet. Based on my quick reverse engineering of your HAL layer; it seem this is the only one that used STM HAL Library.

Let me know plz if I missed a thing

S. Mansour

OK, More info. I made some progress. I included STM’s TIM module by uncommenting
in file stm32f7xx_hal_conf.h, and I was able to uplink. However, I get InvalidHardwareStatusError when I attempt to use PWM.
Plz advise.

hi @abusous2000
Sorry for this inconvenience.
thank you for reporting this issue, We’re working on this bug to resolve this ASAP.

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