Forum Guidelines

Welcome to the VIPER community forum.
Here you can ask and find all the information required for using and playing with VIPER.

This forum is organized according to the following categories:
  • General: General discussions, presentations, forum rules and whatever you have in mind 
  • Events: Here we will announce all the Events where the Viper team will be involved. Pass through our stands or ask here for a meeting
  • Getting Started: Here you can ask how to move your fist steps into the Viper experience
  • Tutorial and Examples: any doubts with Viper tutorial and examples? Do you want to propose another examples? Do you need a dedicated tutorial? post here
  • Releases and Updates: Here the new VIPER releases will be announced together with Updates. Here you can find the various change logs and you can ask for info related to specific releases or updates
  • Libraries: here you can post any request about the libraries integrated in VIPER or propose your library to be included in the Viper release
  • Drivers: here you can post any request about the drivers integrated in VIPER or propose your new device driver to be included in the Viper release
  • Boards and MCUs: Porting and board specific requests and ideas. Interested in running Viper on a not yet supported board? post here
  • Troubleshooting: Problems with VIPER? post here
  • Projects Help and Sharing: Here you can show your VIPER project asking for contributes and support. Don't forget ot post your complete projects on the Hackster official Viper platform page 
  • Hardware and Electronics: general hardware-related section where you can find info about the use of sensors and actuators with VIPER. You can post here about the TOI Shields and in general about hardware related topics


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