Fonts for ssd1306

How i can use or build different fonts for ssd1306?

hi @alsor62
please check this post for more info for fonts on ssd1306

specify (for example) ssd.draw_text(“Zerynth”,0,14*count,96,12, align=i, font = guiFont_Tahoma_18_Regular) ?

Hi, I’m not sure for the SSD1306, but I can explain how I make fonts for ST7735 and IL9341, and the font files look identical with SSD1306.
I’m using a (free) tool ‘GLCD Font Creator’. Latest version is v1.2.
It converts any font, size, style (italics, bold, …) on your computer and converts it to a font file that can be used in eg Zerynth. You can even add/modify letters or symbols. When you export the results, it’s best to select the format ‘microC’, as this is closest to what you need in Python. It’s quite nice and works really well. I hope you get it working for SSD1306 as well.