Flash Zerynth on ESP32

I’m trying to FLASH the Zerynth framewere on my ESP32 (i’m using Linux) . I’m on the registration Step as the images show I’m new to this community can someone guide me up on how to do it
and what is the problem here

hi @thunderkilll_redBear
Do you have appropriate device drivers for linux? can you open a serial terminal with the device with minicom for instance?
Is it being used by any other application?
Could you also tell me which kind of ESP32 based board you are using?

I was using ESP32 DevKit v1

I already changed the speed to 115200
on windows: MODE.COM COM8
and linux: stty < /dev/ttyS0
Board: ESP32 DOIT Devkit V1

@karimhamdy1 please help out i’m trying to put a capacitor in a small circuit , I’m not sure it will work please I need you to help me if there is something else I can do before I burn the ESP32 or something it’s already too damn expensive for me to buy another one and this is the only type available in my country