[FIX] System Updates for release r2.1.0 doesn't apper automatically in r2.0.11 Zerynth Studio footer



If you see this error message or similar opening your r2.0.11 Zerynth Studio version and “System Update” button does not appear in your Zerynth Studio footer:

Don’t worry, here’s the solution smiley

This issue is related to the fact that the r2.1.0 version is no more retro-compatible with the r2.0.* versions so you have to perform a system update to be able to interact with the new Zerynth ecosystem.

NOTE: Users of versions before r2.0.11 need to download the installer and install again.

To perform the system update, you have to check for new updates manually by clicking on the menu bar: Preferences --> Check Updates.
After few seconds, you should see in the footer the two buttons in the picture

The message shows this dialog window:

By clicking the System Update button, a notification that a new major release is available appears:

After clicking the Update button, the system starts the procedure to install the new release; you have to follow the message in the console log, restart the Zerynth Studio when asked, and choose the new r2.1.0 release to be installed.

Happy Coding!!!