Filesystem on ESP32 EVB not working?



I am new to Zerynth so I started with some basic tutorials(from the editor). While running the tutorials I got a problem testing the Zerynth filesystem. I have searched on google but didn’t find any possible solution. When I try to mount my sd card it doesn’t work. I tried different pins(that i found on the pinlayout) but this is just blind testing… The mount does not give any error but when I try to access a file or directory the program stops working. 
fatfs.mount(‘0’, {“drv”: SPI0, “cs”: D25, “clock”: 1000000})
#still working

create “test.txt” file

ww =‘0:/test.txt’, ‘w+’)
#program exits without any error

ww.write(“Zerynth allows me to easily manage files, cool.”, sync = True)

Is there a problem with the SPI protocol or do I just have selected the wrong pins? Can you give me an example or link to a tutorial that works on the esp32 evb?</div>


Hi Tobias,

This is a known issue, and we are already working on it to fix it.
It is related to the Filesystem lib that during the initialization (mount) phase produces the signal timing by calling SPI write() method once for each byte to be sent in the init sequence instead of a single call for all sequence.

For other chips, this works fine, but for ESP32 devices every low-level call to SPI module produces a delay that mismatch all the timing of the init sequence and the microSD doesn’t “understand” the init procedure.

Stay tuned for new updates :slight_smile:


We have an immediate requirement for this in a datalogger, when is the ETA for a resolution?


Hi tomm,

The bug for the Filesystem on ESP32 based devices has been fixed in the r2.0.11 release.

Related the Olimex ESP32 EVB, unfortunately, the wiring to the SDCard slot doesn’t allow the SPI interface but only the SD protocol (CS is missing); we’re working on it and it will be available in one of our future releases.

Let me know if this can solve your requirement.
Stay tuned for updates :)