Filesystem, Flash, SD card, 1-Wire and a new board!


While everyone was on summer holiday, we prepared a lot of new libraries and features. And here they are in order of coolness:

  • Filesystem - the new standard library has an os module that allows to handle SD cards (through SPI) with a FAT filesystem (it’s FatFs on the inside) . Create, delete, read and write all the files you want. 
  • A new board - the powerful Mikroelektronika Quail Board shining with its 168MHz, 2Mb of Flash (plus 8Mb off chip) and 192Kb of ram.
  • Raw access to Spi Flash memories and SD cards through  Spi (spiflash and spisd modules in the standard library)
  • 1-Wire support  for DS2482, DS18b20, DS18s20
  • A small fix to the login issues for the IDE
And here it is the actual list of packages:
  • core.zerynth.stdlib r1.0.4
  • core.zerynth.ide r1.0.4
  • core.zerynth.examples r1.0.3
  • board.zerynth.mikroe_quail r1.0.0
  • vm.zerynth.mikroe_quail r1.0.0
  • lib.maxim.ds2482 r1.0.0
  • lib.maxim.ds1820 r1.0.0

wondeful !!!
Are there any Sd-card and ds18b20 examples ?

Hello @cman,

For one wire docs look here; examples for filesytem,sd and spiflash should install themselves under the example tree (in the standard library branch). If they don’t show up, please update the example package from the package manager. The relevant documentation for these modules is here.