fatfs and nucleo-f401re

Hi, i’m trying to use the fatfs module on my nucleo board but i keep getting this exception Exception: OSError @[007A:0093:0000:0000:0000:0000:0000:0000] when i try to open a file.
the SPI0 (wich i’m using) work perfectly with a max7219 that i’ve used for testing if the SPI is the problem, the SD card works perfectly with
my Arduino 101.
The exception occours when os.open() is called (f = os.open(‘0:zerynth.txt’, ‘r’)).
Can someone help me out ?

Hi radpuzzo,
have you successfully mounted your SD card?
As reported in Zerynth filesystem example:

fatfs.mount(‘0:’, {“drv”: SPI0, “cs”: D25, “clock”: 1000000} )
<p>Of course substituting drv, cs and clock with parameters needed by your setup.<br></p><p>Let me know :)<br></p>