Examples to use Xbee Coordinator with esp32 using python

Hi, I am looking for a way to read and manipulate the sensor data which I am receiving from Wireless sensor and to Wireless Router.

I am looking for some suggestions which help me to read the byte array from the wireless device and manipulate the byte array to send the data to Online cloud using coded in Python

Hi @Snart_Caleb,

take a look at this blog post to understand how to connect your ESP32 to AWS Cloud.

How are you receiving data from the Wireless sensor?

Hi, using mentioned below code i was able to read the sensor data in embedded C

Also working with one of the codes which help me to read the byte array serially and looking somthing similar which help me to read the byte array in ESP32 also

import serial
ser = serial.Serial('COM6',115200)
read_byte = ser.read()
while read_byte is not None:
read_byte = ser.read()    
print ('%x' % ord(read_byte))