Ethernet on STM32F429ZI

Hi everyone, I just bought a STM32F429ZI, I can not find examples on how to activate the ethernet port, can someone help me?

Thank you

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Hi vinny74,

the ethernet port is not supported yet; we have in pipeline this new feature in one of our future updates (that may take time).

For now, we’re working hard to improve all Zerynth ecosystem (release 2.1.0) to give you a better UX and new functionalities.

Stay tuned :slight_smile:



Then the standard library ethernet module can not be used?

P.S. this is an online translation

Thank you


Hi vinny74,

the in standard library in an abstraction layer (same as wireless/ to make agnostic the ethernet usage from the low-level driver (more info here).

For now, the only low-level ethernet driver available in zerynth is the ESP32 ethernet driver.
Soon it will be available also for the STM32F429ZI.

Stay tuned for updates :slight_smile:


Still nothing for eterneth on this board?


Hello Mr. Matteo,

Is there any update for this topic?
I also use this board ST Nucleo F429ZI and i want to communicate with server using my ethernet port.
can you please guide me?


Hello @ParthBhavsar,

unfortunately the Ethernet support for this board is still not available, anyway, if you have an urgent need for a specific project, I can make the sales team contact you ASAP.


Hi @LorenzoR

I have learn lot of from zerynth examples and so much detail gathering from internet, after that i bought this board for my project, but when i started programming that time i found library error how is it possible?