Espressif announces Python on ESP32 for IoT development


We are proud to announce that Zerynth is now officially recommended by Espressif Systems as professional firmware toolkit for ESP32, the tiny yet powerful chip born for Internet of Things applications.

“As already done for the ESP8266 chip, Zerynth has worked hard to provide the large community of ESP32-lovers with a tool for easy development of embedded and IoT applications in Python."
"With Zerynth, users can get right into application design and development without worrying about tedious and annoying setups and configurations.”

Find out why you should consider Python (and Zerynth!) for programming ESP32: 


This is terrific news! However, for non-experts it maybe helpful to provide additional assistance how this Python implementation is more accessible and powerful compared to MicroPython. Please see specific issue on implementing GitHub Python libraries here.


Hi @wx3080,

thanks for your advice! 

Please, take a look here to spot the main differences between Zerynth and Micropython.

In addition, we’re planning a campaign of articles and video tutorials to help our users on implementing Zerynth/Python libraries.

Stay tuned :slight_smile: