ESP8266 NodeMCU v2 is now supported!


As the title says, I am happy to announce that the support for esp8266 and more generally for the XTensa lx106 architecture is out in the open.

The supported board is the NodeMCU v2 (just download the board.zerynth.nodemcu2 package and restart the IDE), more esp based boards are coming in the next weeks. Please, also update at least the Studio package, some changes to the compiler and uplinker were needed to fit a new mcu architecture in Zerynth. And don’t forget to install the VCP drivers (read more here)

Wifi can be used in station mode with lib.espressif.esp8266wifi (automatically installed).

The XTensa compiler used is based on esp-open-sdk for Mac and Linux, while for windows it comes from the unofficial sdk.  Please report any weird bug you may experience…and have fun!