ESP32: Wifi.Scan compiles, but doesn't work



Yesterday i installed Zerynth Studio and after a while i got i to work with my ESP32 DevkitV1 Modules from Ali…

Then i tried to work with the Example from the folder “Networking/Wifi Scan”.

I added the line 

# import the wifi interface

from wireless import wifi
from espressif.esp32net import esp32wifi as wifi_driver
` ``` to the code,  to set up the wifi_driver.

The code compiles with no errors, but when i run it, there is an error:
Scanning for 15 seconds...
E (13148) wifi: esp_wifi_scan_start 927 wifi not start
IOError @[0046:000F:0000:0054:0000:0000:0000:0000]

The click on the IOError shows me this:
IOError  at line 38 of __main__
raised at line 85 of wireless.wifi.scan
in the IDE log.

When i tried my ESPs with Micropython, the Wifi.Scan didn't cause any problems. Can someone help me?

Thanks in advance,


Hi DerAndi,

Thanks for reporting us this issue, I’m working on it and I will notify you when the problem will be solved.
It seems a problem related only to the scan and other wifi functionalities work without any problems.

If you know the net credentials you can skip for now the scan and continue to develop your application.

Stay tuned for updates :slight_smile:


Hi DerAndi,

Wi-Fi scan for ESP32 based devices is fixed.
Soon it will be available as new commit in our Github official repository and it will be released in our next patch.

If you need it before, you can insert following code in wifi.ifc.c at line 1055 (before the esp_wifi_scan_start() instruction) under “your_home/zerynth2/dist/r2.1.0/libs/official/espressif/esp32net/csrc/” path:

esp_err = esp_wifi_start(); printf("START\ "); if (CHECK_RES()) { drv.status = STATUS_IDLE; ACQUIRE_GIL(); printf("** %x\ ", esp_err); return ERR_IOERROR_EXC; }
<br>NOTE: if you are using Linux or Mac platform, replace zerynth2 with .zerynth2 in your path (hidden folder in your home).<br><br>Let me know if this can help you :)


Wow! Thank you! Now i got all the APs!  
That’s exactly, what i wanted to do! 


Hi DerAndi,

the official Zerynth Github repository has been updated, even if you already solve it ;).